Shabu Shabu is a Japanese culinary dish which inspired from the Mongolian tradition of nabemono, or “one pot” cooking. In traditional shabu shabu, thin slices of beef are placed in a communal pot of boiling water and swished back and forth until booked. In Shabu House, we try to reinvent this traditional culinary dish by providing multiple soup flavors such as Spicy Miso and Ginger Chicken,. Vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, and spinach are also boiled and served with a sesame sauce. Although beef is the most commonly served meat for shabu shabu, modern restaurants have taken a new spin by serving chicken, pork, and seafood. In Shabu House, we serve high quality American style Kobe beef, Karabuto Pork, and mouthwatering lamb.

The Experience

Shabu House is all about giving our customers a wonderful dining experience. Shabu lovers flock to our restaurant for generous portions of American style Kobe beef, fresh vegetables, and udon noodles with a contemporary twist. This is how our customers describe us: “Awesome Japanese beef fondue”, “Service is great, decor is awesome”, “I shall return”, and “My tummy is full and happy”. We want you to come hungry and leave happy!